Corporate Parenting

Corporate Parenting

What is Corporate Parenting?

Care Experienced Children and Young People (CECYP) continue to be recognised as a vulnerable group in society, despite the attention over recent years towards improving individual outcomes.

Simply put, “Corporate Parenting” is the term used for the collective responsibility of the members of the Community Planning Board and the Chief Officers, as a corporate body, to ensure that receive the same quality of support from the Partners as they would from a supportive parent.

Letter to Moray’s Care Experienced Children and Young People

Dear Care Experienced Young People

Speaking on behalf of the Community Planning Partners who are your corporate parents, I can confirm that each is committed to working together with the others to provide you with the kind of support that any good parent gives to their children.

This means we will monitor how well you are looked after, and we will track and increase the opportunities that are available to you to support you to achieve in school and attend further education/training.  We want you to achieve in each of your aspirations and reach your full potential in adult life.  We will support the preparation you have for leaving care and assist you to set up home when you achieve independence.

Together we will work with you through the Corporate Parenting Strategic Group and the Champions Board to listen and respond effectively to what you say will make your lives better.  We will support those who work directly with you to deliver what they say they will do to improve your lives not only through childhood but into adulthood.

Tim Eagle
Chair - Moray Council Children & Young People’s Committee
October 2017

The Moray Community Planning Partnership has a vision for children: -

It is our vision that Moray will be: -

  • a place where children and young people thrive
  • a place where they have a voice, have opportunities, learn and can get around
  • a place where they have a home, feel secure, healthy and nurtured
  • a place where they are able to reach their full potential.

The Corporate Parenting Strategic Group has the remit to provide support and deliver actions so that all corporate parents will have the same aspirations and commitment to CECYP and Care Leavers as any good parent would have for their own children.  Moray is an authority area that can provide many opportunities; Corporate Parents will lead and develop these opportunities.

Our vision for Care Experienced Children and Young People builds on the vision for all children: -

  • Our vision is to make a positive difference every day to the lives of Care Experienced Children and Young People.

The multi-agency group is chaired by Jennifer Gordon Corporate Parenting Manager.  She has over 25 years’ experience in local authority social work.

Contacts: 01343 563553



The vice chair is Sheila McDerment, Police Inspector Partnerships.  Sheila has over 20 years Police experience.  She has worked as a front line Officer and within various CID departments including Public Protection.

Contacts: 101


They are supported by members from throughout the Community Planning Partnership and the Third Sector.

We have developed the Corporate Parenting Strategy for Moray 2017-2020 which details 10 guarantees we have pledged for our CECYP.  We are working hard in Moray to support our CECYP to achieve their full potential and we are proud of our record in relation to the positive destinations many have moved on to, however we are not complacent and we realise there is still much to do.  We recognise that this is the responsibility of us all, working in partnership.

Corporate Parenting Strategy for Moray 2017 - 2020 Annual Report 2018

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