Locality Management Groups (LMGs) Networks

Locality Management Groups (LMG’s)

Fundamental to the development of LMG’s is the belief that ‘relationships’ and ‘effective partnerships’ lead to better outcomes and long lasting change for children and families . A locality model allows these relationships and partnerships to be developed.

The role of an LMG is to:

  • Agree locality priorities by:-
    • Reviewing evidence available
    • Seeking missing evidence
    • Actively listening to the voice of the community
  • Supporting the delivery of strategic priorities at a locality level
  • Directing the work of the Locality Networks
  • Quality assuring joint work to ensure continuous improvement

Identified Priority Themes Across Both East and West LMG’s

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Poverty
  • Parenting/Developing Community

Locality Networks

Locality Networks are the information sharing arm of the LMG’s. They primarily consist of local practitioners and volunteers whose roles relate directly to Children, Young People and their Families. These Network members are the connecting links to wider community members.

Locality Network Action Groups

Locality Network Action Groups are the ‘action arm’ of the LMG’s. They are formed from local practitioners and members of the community (including children and young people) with an interest in the key themes identified for action.

Through guidance from the Locality Wellbeing Officer, small scale projects and test of change are developed and delivered within each locality using QI methodology. Further development of these projects is agreed through LMG’s using evidence identified through a quality assurance/ self-evaluation process.

Locality Wellbeing Officer

A key function of the LWO is to oversee and support the LMGs and co-ordinate the work of the Locality Networks.

The role of the LWO is to build relationships with members of both LMG’s and Locality Networks with the aim of ensuring that members have a clear understanding of role and remit and can clearly see how actively participating in the process helps them to deliver better outcomes for children, young people and their families more effectively.

Susan Reid, Locality Wellbeing Officer

Email: susan.reid@moray.gov.uk
Tel: 01309 675603

Yvonne Curry, Senior Business Support Assistant

Email: yvonne.curry@moray.gov.uk
Tel:  01309 675603
Address:  Janitors Lodge, Forres Academy, Burdsyard Road, Forres, IV36 1FG

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