Social Work Teams

Intake and Assessment Team

The Intake and Assessment Team offers an initial point of contact for Children and Families referrals, queries and short term support.  Such a referral would previously have been made to the area Social Work teams.  The Intake and Assessment Team comprises of four Sections; Triage, Protecting Children and Assessment (East) and (West) teams.

Triage Team

Triage offers a duty service, and aims to operate as a single point of entry to the Intake and Assessment Team.  Triage will receive all calls, and the section will receive all referrals, and assess as to the level of need and source of ongoing enquiry or support.  This can be done immediately or over the course of up to two weeks' enquiry or up to two home visits/interviews.  The options then would typically be;

  • Referral back to the Named Person
  • Referral on the Assessment Section for a more detailed Assessment or short term support
  • Referral on the Protecting Children Section for a Child Protection or Youth Justice assessment/intervention
  • Signpost on to alternative, eg Third Sector providers
  • Referral to longer term social work support

The original referral information, along with a basic Risk Assessment and Initial Assessment and resultant analysis, constitute the level of information that will be collated and passed on.

Staffing within the triage element comprises of a Senior Social Worker, Social Workers, Children Service Workers and admin support.

How to Contact Service:  

Contact Triage Team: 01343 554370

Protecting Children Team

Work relating to Child Protection investigations and Youth Justice is now picked up by the Protecting Children Team   The team are based at the Joint Child Protection Unit, Elgin and at Beechbrae Learning Centre, Elgin.

Child Protection referrals or queries are made through the Triage Team as per the Child Protection Referral Flow Chart. Protecting Children will typically take a case from initial investigation to the first review Case Conference, and will refer cases on as appropriate if longer term needs are identified.  In certain circumstances, such as when a child already has an allocated social worker, the Child Protection Investigation may be carried out by a social worker within another team.

Youth Justice referrals will be directed through Triage and also direct from the Youth Justice Management Unit.  Youth Justice interventions will involve initial assessment followed by further intervention as required.  The most common assessment used will be the ASSET Assessment, which commonly takes up to six weeks to complete.  Other assessments relating to offending behaviour and sexualised behaviour will be undertaken as appropriate.

The protecting Children Team also have a remit to undertake preventative and early intervention work.  Often this work will be part of a multi-agency approach and will take place within schools and local communities.  Specific training for staff teams will also be provided. 

Staffing within the Protecting Children Team comprises of a Senior Social Worker, Social Workers, Project Workers, Family Support Workers and admin support.

How to Contact Service:

Triage Team: 01343 554370

Assessment (East) and (West)

Based at Buckie Access Point (East) and Rose Cottage, Elgin (West), the Assessment section will typically ensure that an identified Team around the Child has been established; they will, on a multi-agency basis, complete a National Risk Assessment, using the recognised National Framework, starting as soon as practical in each case, and completing within a maximum of twelve weeks.  Individual and discrete assessment will follow according to the needs/demands of the case; following assessment, there will follow a short term planned piece of work, or, if longer term needs for support/intervention are identified, the case will be prepared for transfer, and moved over to the Longer Term Continuing Support Team (East) or (West).

Staffing within the Assessment team consists of Senior Social Workers, Social Workers, Family Support workers and admin support.

How to Contact Service:

Assessment East: 01542 837222

Assessment West: 01343 557922

Children's Disability Team

The Moray Council continuously aims to improve the outcomes of children, especially the most vulnerable.   
It has been recognised for some time that the outcomes of children with disabilities have not been met as well as they could/should be.   This includes recognition of the waiting times for child with disabilities to receive assessments and support.   
To improve this, a dedicated social work team for children with disabilities has been set up as a pilot for a 6 month period from October 2018 to March 2019.

Further information available here.

Checklist for Referrers

Children’s Disability Team
Education & Social Care
Headquarters, High Street, Elgin, IV30 1BX
Tel:    01343 563579

Continuing Support (East - Buckie/Keith) Team

Education and Social Care, Buckie Access Point,
13 Cluny Square, Buckie, Moray, AB56 1AJ
Tel: 01542 885100
Email -

Continuing Support (West - Elgin/Forres) Team

Beechbrae Education Centre, 
Duffus Road, Elgin, IV30 4NP
Tel: 01343 557 922

Education and Social Care, Forres Access Point, Auchernack,
High Street, Forres, Moray, IV36 1DX
Tel: 01309 694 034
Email -

Engagement Team

Education and Social Care, New Elgin Open Neighbourhood (NEON), 
New Elgin Primary School Annexe, Bezack Street, New Elgin, Moray, IV30 6DP
Tel: 01343 55 9999/9970
Email -

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