Social Work Teams

A revised structure for Moray Children Services Social Work was put in place in April 2019.  It is anticipated that the revised structure will result in improved outcomes for children and young people and that vulnerable children and young people remain within Moray and where possible within their own families.

Key objectives of the revised structure include:

  • Ensuring children's voices are central to all we do and this informs service planning/delivery
  • .Limiting the number of transitions between social work staff and children/young people
  • Reducing bureaucracy wherever possible
  • Simplifying structures of support to ensure services are accessible for children and families
  • Developing a provision of support out with the standard working day
  • Ensuring quality assurance is in place to measure effectiveness of service provision

Children and Families Access Team

The Triage Team and Protecting Children Team have been combined to form an Access Team.  The Access Team is based in Elgin, although team members have specific East and West Moray remits.  If you are contacting Social Work with regards to a child that is currently not an open case or you are unsure if open to Social Work then please contact the Access Team on 01343 554370.  This includes Child Protection concerns. 

Children and Families Access Team will typically take a case from initial investigation to the first review Case Conference, and will refer cases on as appropriate if longer term needs are identified.  In certain circumstances, such as when a child already has an allocated social worker, the Child Protection Investigation may be carried out by a social worker within another team.

Staffing within the Children and Families Access Team comprises of a Senior Social Worker, Social Workers, Project Workers, Family Support Workers and admin support.

Children and Families Access Team: 01343 554370

Children & Families Social Work Teams (East) and (West)

The Assessment Team and continued Support Teams for the East and West of Moray have been combined to form one team for the East and one for the West.

Based at Buckie Access Point (East) and Beechbrae Education Centre, Elgin (West), the Assessment section will typically ensure that an identified Team around the Child has been established; they will, on a multi-agency basis, complete a National Risk Assessment, using the recognised National Framework, starting as soon as practical in each case, and completing within a maximum of twelve weeks.  Individual and discrete assessment will follow according to the needs/demands of the case; following assessment, there will follow a short term planned piece of work, or, if longer term needs for support/intervention are identified.  Staffing within the teams consists of Senior Social Workers, Social Workers, Family Support workers and admin support.

Children and Families Social Work Team (West)
Beechbrae Education Centre
Duffus Road, Elgin, IV30 4NP

Tel: 01343 557922

Children and Families Social Work Team (East)
Education and Social Care, Buckie Access Point
13 Cluny Square, Buckie, AB56 1AJ

Tel: 01542 837236

Children's Disability Team

The Moray Council continuously aims to improve the outcomes of children, especially the most vulnerable.   
It has been recognised for some time that the outcomes of children with disabilities have not been met as well as they could/should be.   This includes recognition of the waiting times for child with disabilities to receive assessments and support.  

To improve this, a dedicated social work team for children with disabilities has been set up.

Further information available here.

Checklist for Referrers

Children’s Disability Team
Education & Social Care
Headquarters, High Street, Elgin, IV30 1BX
Tel: 01343 563579


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