Allotments can provide the people of Moray with a number of benefits and can contribute to a number of objectives of Moray Council and its partners. They can produce good quality food which will contribute to food security planning; reduced carbon emission associated with importing foodstuffs and help meet the Climate Change challenge. They provide a healthy activity benefiting people’s physical and mental wellbeing and the food produced can encourage healthy eating and help tackle obesity. They contribute to the partnership aim of building strong and sustainable communities by encouraging community engagement, through opportunities for lifelong learning and developing the capacity of local communities to contribute and respond to health, food security, environmental and community issues.

Moray Council Allotment Policy

Allotments Waiting List

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 Act updates and simplifies legislation on allotments and allotment sites and places certain duties upon local authorities. These include the requirement to maintain waiting lists, take reasonable steps to provide allotments if the waiting lists exceed certain trigger points and develop allotment site regulations.

Individuals who wish to have their name added to their local waiting list will complete an Allotment Application form, and submit it to the council. Once received it will be held on the relevant “Waiting List”. Requests for allotments will only be accepted from persons over the age of 18 who are resident in Moray.

Allotment waiting list application form

Allotment Privacy Notice

Please email completed forms to:
If you wish to update your details, or withdraw your name, then please contact

Moray Food Growing Strategy

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 requires each local authority to prepare a food growing strategy.

The Moray Food Growing Strategy aims to ensure there are more opportunities for people who would like to grow their own food to do so. A variety of different community food growing spaces including allotments have been identified in towns and villages across Moray.

The Council is committed to working with local partners and organisation to support the delivery of the wider benefits associated with food growing including:

Improving health and wellbeing
Promoting opportunities for social interaction
Encouraging sustainability including addressing climate change, enhancing biodiversity and reducing food waste
Promoting skills development and education
Creating opportunities for economic development

Scottish Allotments & Garden Society

Find out more about allotments from the Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society -

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