Forres - St Leonards Road, Grant Drive and Victoria Roundabout


A number of different studies (Forres 2020 Vision; Forres Active Travel Audit (Feb 2012); Moray Council Active Travel Route Feasibility Study for Forres (March 2019) and Moray Local Development Plan 2020) have identified routes around Forres which would enhance the active travel network. The schemes below have been identified from these studies and from public engagement.

St Leonards Road

Representatives from St Leonards Road and the roads authority have been exploring the difficulties and possible solutions to the issues encountered on the road. These range from being part of the Conservation area to pedestrian safety, traffic management, visibility from/of junctions and tree maintenance.

There are 2 distinct parts to St Leonard’s Road. The section from South Street to the Cluny Bank Hotel is within the main conservation area of Forres. It is narrow with high walls, narrow pavements and is tree lined. The section beyond this was re-aligned in the 1970’s and has wide verges and limited footways along its length. There is potential to enhance the footway and cycle provision along this part of St Leonard’s Road although there are some pinch points. At present though, we are mainly looking to provide a gateway between the two different sections and there are 3 different options we are seeking your views on.

Victoria Roundabout

This roundabout was designed when the road through Forres was the main Trunk Road. This is a tricky roundabout to negotiate for pedestrians and cyclists due to the long crossings and narrow islands. The footways around the roundabout are also narrow. The five legs make it difficult for drivers to understand. There are two preliminary options we are seeking your views on. Both narrow the approach carriageways and roundabout circle to a single lane which makes it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to use.

Grantown Road / Grant Drive junctions

The path along the west side of Grantown Road has been improved for a number of years. However there have been a number of comments about cyclists not wishing to use it due to the stop start nature of giving way to cars at the Grant Drive crossings. Despite changes to the Highway Code to give priority to pedestrians and cyclists using paths such as these, there is still confusion. We are therefore giving notice of the proposal to change these crossings to raised tables, giving priority to those walking and cycling.

Please use the Online Response Form for any comments on the schemes above.

Responses should be submitted by 5pm on 28th April 2023.

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