Inter Library Loans Service

What is the Inter Library Loans Service?

If you want to borrow/consult a book or article which we do not have in stock, do not wish to add to our stock, or which is no longer in print we may be able to use this service to obtain it for you from another Library Authority within the UK.

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Can anyone use this service?

The service is available to all adults over the age of 16 who are currently members of a public library in Moray.

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What material can I borrow?

The service applies to non-fiction books and journals/articles for study purposes.

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How do I apply for one of these loans?

When you fill in the request card just circle the ‘Y’ in the box ‘ILL Y/N’.

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What does it cost?

You will be asked to pay the return postage of the item plus the standard administrative request charge. You will be told what this cost is when the item arrives.

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What information do I need to give?

To apply for one of these loans we need to quote

  • Author name
  • Title of each item
  • Place of publication
  • Publisher and place of publication

If you can supply these the request will be processed faster and may be supplied quickly.

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Am I guaranteed delivery?

Because we have to rely on the lending authority to supply the item, we cannot guarantee that it will be delivered. If it cannot be supplied we will inform you.

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Can I change my mind and cancel the application?

No. Once the application is made it can’t be cancelled. If you no longer require the item you will be asked to pay the return postage.

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How long can I have the loan for?

Normally you can borrow the book for three weeks.

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What if this is not long enough?

We can ask the lender to agree to an extended loan but there is no guarantee they will agree. If they refuse you will have to return it on the date due.

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What about photocopies of articles from Journals?

These can be applied for through this service and we need specific information i.e.

  • The name of the Journal the article is held in
  • The author(s) names
  • The year of publication
  • The part or volume AND the page numbers.

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Do you charge for this service?

Yes. Under Copyright Law we have to charge the standard photocopy charge plus the administrative request charge. Staff will explain these charges.

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Does Copyright Law have any other rules for Inter library loans?

Yes, you can

  • Only obtain one copy of an article from any one issue of a Journal
  • Only one copy is allowed per person
  • No one else you know (or study with) can get the same item copied
  • You cannot make any more copies of the item.

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Would you know if I asked for two articles from the same issue on different occasions?

Yes. Copyright Law insists we must keep a record of every article copied, and who for.

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Are there any forms to sign for photocopies?

Yes, you will have to sign a Copyright Declaration Form which is kept on file.

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