Libraries - Support for Playgroups and Nurseries

Listed below are the details of the support you can expect from us.

Collections of Books

Each playgroups and nursery can be supplied with a collection each term to support the activities you carry out with the children.

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Visits to your Local Library

Every group is more than welcome to visit their local library on a regular basis and we would hope at least once a year. Where it is not possible, the library staff would seek to come and visit you.

In the rural areas, it may be possible to arrange for the mobile library to visit you.

When you visit us in a group or on your own, you will find friendly and supportive staff on hand to give you advice on choosing material.

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Staff in the libraries will be able to provide advice and information on relevant material. Where it can be arranged and would be helpful, training sessions could be organised e.g. storytelling, selecting the right books etc.

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Helpful Websites

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