Libraries - Support for Schools and Teachers

Listed below are the details of the support you can expect from us. Our aim is to support you in your learning and teaching and in the raising of attainment of the pupils of Moray.

Teacher's Ticket

As a teacher in Moray you have access to a ticket from your local library. You can borrow materials to support the reading initiatives and curriculum activities in your classroom.

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Choosing Books

Friendly and supportive staff will be on hand to give you advice on suitable material. 

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Visits to Your Local Library

You will receive an invitation to visit your local library with your class at least once a year. Where this is not possible in the rural areas the Librarian will offer to visit you.

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Author Visits

We organise an annual programme of visits by popular and entertaining authors which take place in different libraries in Moray. We invite classes to join us in these sessions trying to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate.

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Homework Support

The libraries children’s & young people’s website has links to school websites & e-boards for homework support.

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Displays of Material

Where it is practicable, we are keen to display the work of your pupils in our libraries.

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Helpful Websites

To find out more about children’s books & reading click on one of the links below

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