National and Local Government Links

  • 10 Downing Street - For the latest news on: business and the economy, education and culture, health and lifestyle, home affairs, work and welfare, environment and countryside, transport and energy, science and technology. Read interview transcripts with the PM, browse through the magazine, visit government sites to join in discussions etc.
  • Cabinet Office- Find anything from: how to access Public Services, Cabinet Ministers, HMSO Index, House of Lords Reform, how to nominate someone for an honour or award, jobs in the Civil Service, Minister's Speeches, News Releases, Quango Directory, to Social Exclusion Reports etc.
  • European Parliament - Information on the EU, MEPs, latest news, upcoming events, the electronic newsletter etc.
  • GOV.UK- Is for everyone. Checkout the A-Z of central and local government, get information and advice on starting a new school, moving home, pensions and retirement. There is also a gateway to over 2,500 public museums and collections and much more.
  • HM Treasury - The Treasury is the department responsible for formulating and putting into effect the UK Government's financial and economic policy. On the website you'll find detailed information and policy documents published by the Treasury in a range of categories reflecting the breadth of its work. Subjects covered include: the UK Economy; Taxation, work and welfare; enterprise and productivity, the Euro, the budget, spending reviews and much more.
  • House of Lords-Here you will find information about the work of the House of Lords and its Select Committees.
  • - The official home of UK legislation, revised and as enacted 1267-present. This website is managed by The National Archives on behalf of HM Government.
  • Official Documents - Contains a selection of Government titles covering a very broad range of topics including the economy, work and welfare, health, transport and the environment.
  • Scottish Government - Find: how the Government works and the people who are involved; all the latest Scottish Government related news and events. You must have a look at SEONAID - stands for Scottish Executive Online News and Information Distributor. She is a virtual character who appears on the Junior Exec section of the Scottish Government news website and is believed to be the first of her kind on any Government website anywhere in the world.
  • Scottish Parliament - Find latest news, what's happening in the parliament this week, find your MSP, search agendas and committee reports, find written answers, research publications, view the live webcam, visit the Education Centre and much more.

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