Wards and Constituencies

For voting purposes, boundaries of electoral areas are determined by  Boundaries Scotland and The Boundary Commission for Scotland.
This excludes from Community Councils which are determined by Moray Council. These boundaries determine the area which your representative represents.  
Table showing the Electoral Body, Area and the Representative for that area.
Body Electoral Area Representative
Community Council Community Council area Community Council member
Local Government Multi-member wards Councillor
Scottish Parliament Constituencies and Region MSP
UK Westminster Parliament Constituency MP

Local Government Boundaries

Moray has eight wards the boundaries for which are determined by the Boundaries Scotland for Scotland. A map of these ward areas can be found by using the online boundary map tool below or by downloading a map from their website.

Within each ward, areas are split into Polling Districts which is areas assigned to a specific Polling Place such as your local hall or school. Information about where you will vote at each election is published in a public notice prior to the election, and printed on your poll card which is sent to you prior to the election, as this may vary with the type of election being held.

Scottish Parliament Constituency boundaries

Moray is split between 2 parliamentary constituencies for the purposes of a Scottish Parliament election:

  • Moray
  • Banffshire & Buchan Coast

Moray is also part of the Highlands and Islands region for purposes of the regional list vote during the Scottish Parliament elections. Maps for these areas can be found on the Boundary Commission for Scotland website.

UK Westminster Parliament Constituency Boundaries

For the purposes of a UK Parliament (General) election the constituency is Moray which has the same boundary as the Local Authority area. A constituency map is available on the Boundary Commission for Scotland website. For more information about constituencies in Westminster please see here.

Ward and Polling District Maps

The local government area is split into local government Wards; Moray has eight wards. For the purposes of voting the wards are then further split into Polling Districts which assigned a polling place, where voters then go to vote. 

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