Findhorn & Kinloss Community Council (3)

All Community Councils will be subject to election during August to October 2017, please follow links for more information.

Chairperson: Mr Les Morgan

Secretary: Mrs Jen O'Hagan


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Meeting Details

Venue: Meeting Dates and Venues
Frequency:  Monthly
Meeting Dates:  Last Thursday of month (excluding July and December)
Date/Time:  7pm

Area Covered

3A Findhorn (5 seats) - Findhorn

3B Kinloss (5 seats) - Kinloss, Mill of Grange, Milton of Grange, East Grange, Cassieford, Kinloss Barracks, Seapark, Woodside, Newton of Struthers, Cassieford, Hatton, Damhead, Muirhead, Milton Brodie, Miltonhall

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Membership (until end of September 2017)

10 seats total, 5 members required as minimum.

  1. Les Morgan (Kinloss)
  2. Thomas Brown (Kinloss)
  3. Jen O'Hagan (Kinloss)
  4. Harvey Morton (Findhorn)
  5. Frank Allan (Findhorn)
  6. Patrick Carroll (Findhorn)
  7. Sue Finnegan (Findhorn)
  8. Mo Hyde (Findhorn)
  9. Francine Rietberg (Findhorn)
  10. Emma Malone

Any vacant seats may be filled by co-option, please contact the Community Council

Contact Us

Community Council Liaison Officer

01343 563047

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