Findhorn & Kinloss Community Council (3)

Following election Findhorn & Kinloss Community Council has  NOT been re-established. There were 3 candidates for 10 seats which does not meet the minimum number of members to form.
This community council has been dissolved.Please contact the Community Council Liaison Officer for more information on 

Meeting Details


Area Covered

3A Findhorn (5 seats) - Findhorn

3B Kinloss (5 seats) - Kinloss, Mill of Grange, Milton of Grange, East Grange, Cassieford, Kinloss Barracks, Seapark, Woodside, Newton of Struthers, Cassieford, Hatton, Damhead, Muirhead, Milton Brodie, Miltonhall

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10 seats total, 5 members required as minimum.

Contact Us

Community Council Liaison Officer

01343 563047

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