Findhorn and Kinloss Community Council Emergency Plan

Community Emergency Planning

Community Councils have been encouraged to develop community resilience plans for emergency situations.  Resilient communities is an initiative supported by local, Scottish, and UK Governments.

The principle is that communities help themselves during an emergency in a way that complements, but in no way replaces, the response of the emergency responders.  Emergencies can be: severe weather, floods, fires, or major incidents involving transport, lengthy loss of utilities, etc. Community awareness and pre-planning will make it easier to cope with and recover from an emergency.

The Findhorn and Kinloss Community Resilience Plan

This Resilience Plan assesses risks, identifies local resources and lists voluntary support and points of contact within the community.

Aims are to raise awareness and understanding of the local risks and to begin self help arrangements until support from the emergency services or other agencies is in place.  Some examples of community actions are: clearing snow from pathways of people who are unable to clear those themselves, delivering essential supplies during severe weather, checking on neighbours to ensure their safety and well being during severe weather and providing hot meals and assistance within community centres and village halls.

The Plan also contains a specimen Household Emergency Plan and Emergency Kit.  


Volunteers are asked to complete a questionnaire which asks for personal contact information and the resources which they could make available in emergencies.  Examples of resources that the volunteer could bring during an emergency could include: 4X4 vehicle, tractor with shovel, inflatable boat, and catering. This information will be entered into the community asset register which will not be freely available but be held by the community coordinator who will use it to call upon assistance in the event the Resilience Plan is activated.  

Contact numbers for volunteers and facilities will be held by the coordinator and a call-out pyramid will be activated as required.

View or download the Resilience Plan and the Volunteer Questionnaire forms.

More general information about emergency planning and the activities of the emergency responders can be found on our Emergency Planning pages.

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