The Start Team

The Start Team is a small team of Social Care Assistants who will re-able people who come home from hospital or from the community following an illness or change of circumstances.

The aim of the team is that the Social Care Assistants will support and encourage the person to become more able and independent over time. Care will be adjusted to meet the persons changing needs. The team also identify equipment which should assist the person to remain as independent as possible. The service is available for up to 12 weeks. Our START Team Social Care Assistants work between the hours 06:45-13:45 (Early Shift) and 15:30-22:30 (Late Shift)

A Care at Home Enabler from the Moray Council will visit to discuss the teams input and plan any continuing care needs.

Contact Details

Start Team

Hours 8:45- 17:00

Tel: 01343 563173/ 563298

Our Scheduling team will answer calls out with office hours 06:45-08:45 and 17:00-22:30. Out with these times you can call Social work Out of Hours team

These times are Sunday to Saturday. 7 Days a week.

Out of Hours Team 

Hours 22:30-06:45

Tel: 03457 565656

Contact Us

Care at Home
Health and Social Care Moray
Room102, Council Offices
IV30 1BX

01343 563999

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