Community Care Services for Older People

How the Community Care Services can help you

The Moray Council has a commitment to providing quality community care services. We work closely with our partners in the health service, other parts of the council and voluntary organisations to plan, commission and deliver prompt, effective social care services.

Everyone has a right to live as independently as possible. We work with our partners to help people gain and maintain independence. Older people and those with a disability are often among the most vulnerable in a community. We are here to provide support, care and protection for adults who can't manage without help so they can live meaningful and independent lives wherever possible.

What we do - Older People

We aim to support family carers and help vulnerable older people remain active and independent wherever possible through a network of support, including day care, home care and intermediate care services. When staying at home is no longer an option, we can help find suitable residential or nursing homes and can sometimes contribute towards the costs involved.

What services might be available to me?

How do I apply for Community Care Services?

Contact the Moray Council Community Care Access Care Team. They will be able to advise you about the assessment process and our eligibility criteria.

Eligibility and Assessment


Guideline, known as eligibility criteria, make sure that people in greatest need and at most risk are first to receive services. Eligibility criteria are considered along with your assessment and will determine whether you qualify for help.


People in need of community care services and their carers have a legal right to an assessment of their needs. The purpose of an assessment is to find out what your needs are and how best those needs can be met. The assessment is usually carried out by a Community Care Officer. Community Care Officers are mostly qualified Social Workers or Nurses.

The assessment is usually done in your own home, but may be done in hospital or other places in the community.

If you are at home a District Nurse, Occupational Therapist or other Health or Social Care professional may complete a single shared assessment with you and forward this to your local Community Care officer. We will use this assessment to identify your needs and decide if our eligibility criteria are met. A Community Care Officer will then come and talk to you about any further information we need.

If you are in hospital and need help when you return home, the assessment must be carried out in hospital before you are discharged. Speak to the ward staff soon after your arrival and ask for an assessment.

With your permission, the assessment can be shared with staff from other services who may be involved in your situation. This is known as a single shared assessment. You will receive a copy of the assessment report.

For many people it will only take a few days to complete the assessment and for services to you to start. However, if your needs are complex, we may need to gather information about you and your circumstances from a number of people and this process may take some time.

How much will it cost?

There are no charges for information and assessments. we may be able to help you to claim extra welfare benefits to pay for the support you need. Depending on your individual circumstances, you may be asked to help pay for some services or equipment.

Contact Details

Please contact the Moray Council Community Care using the contact details at the side for more information or advice

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