Getting Out and About

Getting out to take part in activities in the community – from shopping to swimming – is a great way to boost your well being.

Connecting with friends, neighbours and the people we meet helps us to feel good about ourselves and the world around us.

Transport and Travel

If you find it difficult to get around, there are a number of travel options and services that can make it easier for you.

Aids and Equipment to Help You

For anyone with mobility problems, there are a number of services to help. 

Community Care Day Services

Day services are run from centres across Moray and provide opportunities to participate in a wide range of social, leisure and therapeutic activities which support people to develop and maintain skills for daily living. 

Social and Leisure Activities

We know that life is not easy when you are stuck at home all day, particularly if you need a little extra support. Getting out, taking part in leisure activities and spending time with friends can make all the difference.

Community Learning

It’s never too late for learning and there are lots of opportunities for adults to take up education or training locally. There are many reasons to study – you might want to follow a new interest or hobby, get qualifications or follow a course that could help you get work.


Volunteering is extremely rewarding - it gives you a great feeling because you know you are making a difference. 

Countryside and Parks

Enjoy Moray's great outdoors.

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