Volunteering is extremely rewarding - it gives you a great feeling because you know you are making a difference. 

Moray Council support and promotes volunteering and volunteers are valued as a key community resource. There are opportunities to work with young people, help in libraries and support people who have difficulties with reading, writing and numbers. 

  • Find out how you can volunteer through Moray Council

Volunteering in Moray Council Community Care Services

Become a volunteer with our community care services and be part of a team of valued community participants.  Volunteering could enhance your existing life skills and may also develop new ones.  We welcome you to become part of our team and hope you will find it an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  

Contact the Volunteer Development Officer on 01343 563515

  • tsiMORAY, based in Elgin, is Moray‚Äôs one-stop-shop for voluntary sector information and services.

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