Find out what help and support is available if you are facing the challenge of living well with dementia or care for someone with dementia.

What is Dementia?

Dementia is the progressive loss of the powers of the brain. There are many kinds of dementia but the most common is Alzheimer's disease. The disease damages and kill brain cells, so that the brain cannot work as well as it should. Every person with dementia is different. How their illness affects them depends on which areas of their brain are most damaged.

Confusion or forgetfulness does not mean someone has dementia; nor is dementia an inevitable part of growing older. Many other conditions, such as infections, depression or the side effects of medicines can cause similar problems. If you are worried, see your doctor.

  • Alzheimer Scotland - Alzheimer Scotland provides a wide range of services for people with dementia and their carers. The services provide personalised support designed around each individual and help such as day care and home support. Through the network of Dementia Advisors and  services, the organisation provides advice and information.

Caring For Someone With Dementia

A lot of people are living with dementia in the community. It is becoming much more common because it can be associated with old age and we are living longer. This means more people are caring for a relative or friend with dementia. This can be hard emotionally and physically.

Caring for someone with dementia can be a very difficult task. People with dementia need a lot of support and care: and so do their carers.

  • Quarriers Carer Support Services Moray - As the Council commissioned service, Quarriers Carer Support Service (Moray) provides a variety of support to unpaid Carers, young and old, within the Moray area.


Telecare is a range of sensors and alarms which can alert when assistance is needed and can help manage certain risks in the home.  The alarms can be set up to call a 24/7 call centre or be programmed to call a pager or mobile phone carried by the carer/relative.

Telecare may benefit carers by providing peace of mind; help reduce stress and give carers confidence to leave the house or be in another part of the house.

Telecare is available in Moray for anyone with an assessed need.  If you think you would like further information about telecare and how it might help you or you would like to be referred you can –

  • Ask for a carers assessment
  • Discuss telecare with any social worker, care officer or OT involved with you or the person you care for or
  • Contact the Moray Council Community care Access Care Team on 01343 563999 or email

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