Neighbour Nuisance and Antisocial Behaviour

Our Neighbour Nuisance and Antisocial Behaviour Policy explains how we manage neighbour nuisance and antisocial behaviour in Moray.  An easy read version is also available.

A range of types of behaviour may be referred to as ‘neighbour nuisance’ or ‘antisocial behaviour’. We prioritise complaints according to the categories listed below:

  • Category A - Very serious antisocial behaviour, which normally includes criminal activity such as drug dealing, racial harassment or assault.
  • Category B - Situations where the behaviour is likely to stop short of criminal activity but could be a deliberate attempt to cause disturbance or annoyance to a neighbour. It is likely to be more than a clash of lifestyles and may involve threats/harassment, which cannot be substantiated by witnesses. It may involve disregard for others with loud music and parties or where the incidents are persistent and attempts to change behaviour has not worked.
  • Category C - Issues solely between two neighbours and minor breach of tenancy agreements. This includes the use of common areas, maintenance, the use of boundaries and noise.

More detailed information on how we deal with antisocial behaviour and neighbour nuisance can be found in our tenants' handbook.

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