Living With Autism

What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) a lifelong developmental disability that effects how a person makes sense of the world, processes information and interacts with other people. 

“Reality to an autistic person is a confusing, interacting mass of events, people, places, sounds and sights. There seems to be no clear boundaries, order or meaning to anything. A large part of my life is spent just trying to work out the pattern
behind everything.”
                                    – A person with autism

Adults with autism and their families/carers face many challenges in their daily lives, including barriers to accessing services, public misconceptions coupled with a lack of awareness of the condition, difficulties in securing long-term and meaningful employment and the opportunity of having a good quality of life. This is not a situation unique to Moray but a national issue. People with autism are among the most vulnerable and socially excluded in society yet many adults with autism receive either no services or inadequate services and
struggle to cope with everyday life.

Moray Autism Strategy 2014-2024

The Moray strategy has been developed in consultation with people with autism, their families and those who support them.

The vision of the strategy of that all people with autism are accepted for who they are and valued for what they contribute to the world.

The strategy was launched at the end of January.

Autism Alert Card

An initiative which aims to help people with autism who are the victims of crime or accidents has been launched in Grampian. 

The Autism Alert card will help ensure those with the condition are quickly identified and supported by police and other organisations.

Leading autism charity NAS Scotland has heralded the card as a “breakthrough” for the area, and is encouraging all young people and adults with autism across the region to apply.

The card includes details of a personal contact who can advise police and support organisations on the best ways to help the individual.

Copies of the application form and letter to support the application can be downloaded or printed using the links below

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