What is the Child Protection Register?

Every local authority in Scotland has a child protection register.  It is a list of children who have been identified as being at risk or harm or further harm.  Our register, which is kept on a computer, covers all these children in the areas of Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray.

What is the purpose of the Child Protection Register?

If your name is on the child protection register then the workers who know this will understand your situation and make sure that you are safe and properly looked after.  If your name is on the register then a plan will be made to make sure that you are kept safe.  This plan is made at a meeting called a Case Conference. Workers will explain this plan to you and if you are old enough to understand, you can read it.  You can also say what help you would like and ask any questions – but remember that everyone has to be sure that your safety always must come first.

Who can get information from the child protection register?

Information from the register is only given to those people who need to know because they are working to help you.  This includes your social worker, your doctor, school nurse, police or teacher.

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