Protecting Children Team

Protection Children Team

Work relating to Child Protection Investigations and Youth Justice is now picked up by the Protecting Children Team.  The team are based at the Joint Child Protection Unit, Elgin, and at Beechbrae Learning Centre, Elgin.

Child Protection referrals or queries are made through the Triage Team as per the Child Protection Referral Flow Chart.  Please note that should a member of staff not be available within Triage then the referrer should contact the Police Scotland on 101.

Protecting Children will typically take a case from initial investigation to the first review Case Conference, and will refer cases on as appropriate if longer term needs are identified.  In certain circumstances, such as when a child already has an allocated social worker, the Child Protection Investigation may be carried out by a social worker within another team.
Youth Justice referrals will be directed through Triage. Youth Justice interventions will involve initial assessment followed by further intervention as required. The most common assessment used will be the ASSET Assessment, which commonly takes up to six weeks to complete.  Other assessments relating to offending behaviour and sexualised behaviour will be undertaken as appropriate.

The Protecting Children Team also have a remit to undertake preventative and early intervention work.  Often this work will be part of a multi-agency approach and will take place within schools and local communities.  Specific training for staff teams will also be provided.

Staffing within the Protecting Children Team comprises of a Senior Social Worker, Social Workers, Project Workers, Family Support Workers and admin support.  

How to Access the Service:
Contact Triage Team - 01343 563900
Protecting Children Team - 01343 554370


Joint Child Protection Unit

The Joint Child Protection Unit (JCPU) is based in Elgin and covers the whole of Moray.  The majority of children are loved and nurtured by their parents or carers. However, there are some children whose needs are not being adequately met and who are not safe from harm.  The Joint Child Protection Unit has the responsibility to investigate cases of actual or suspected abuse against children.

The Unit consists of Social Workers, Police Officers and Health professionals who work together and are experienced in working with children, young people and their families on child protection matters.  The type of concerns that the unit investigate include Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Emotional Abuse and Neglect.  At all times during the investigation the safety and well-being of the child is the most important issue.

We all have a responsibility to protect children and young people from harm.  If you have any concerns about something that may be happening to a child it is important that we are made aware of this as soon as is possible. Please do not be worried about contacting your local Social Work, Police, Health or Education office as it is important that we all work together to ensure that children are kept safe.

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