Non-Domestic Rates Frequently Asked Questions

General Enquiries 

Find out more about why you pay Non-Domestic Rates, who is responsible and how they are calculated.

Account Enquiries

Find out more about how to pay your Non-Domestic Rates, change your bank details and accounts in credit.

How much do I have to pay?

Find out more on how to estimate your Non-Domestic Rates liability.

Having Difficulty Paying

Find out more about arrears of Non -Domestic Rates.

Change of Circumstances

Find out what to do if your circumstances change.

Rate Poundages

Find out current and past rates poundage.

Rateable Values

Find out about your rateable value, establishing a new business and how to appeal.

Relief and Reduction Application Enquiries

Find out more about relief and reductions available which may reduce your Non-Domestic Rates liability.

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