Non-Domestic Rates FAQs - Change of Circumstances

How should I notify the Council if my circumstances change?

If you have moved out of a property, moved into a property, if the property is vacant or you have occupied a vacant property, sold or purchased the property or if any other details relating to your charge have changed, please advise us either in writing, by email or complete the online Change of Circumstances Form (PDF). Please provide the exact date the change took place along with full names, forwarding addresses and solicitors details if relevant.

I am no longer using my property for Self Catering purposes. What do I do?

If you are no longer using your property for Self Catering purposes (e.g the property has been sold or you have secured a long term let) tell us by completing a Change of Circumstances Form (PDF). You should also tell the Assessors Office as the property may need to be removed from the Non Domestic Valuation Roll and entered on the Council Tax Valuation list.

I am Moving to Moray. How do I register for Non-Domestic Rates?

If you are moving to Moray and into a Non Domestic Rates property then you need to tell us as soon as possible.  Please complete our Change of Ratepayer Form (PDF) we will then issue you with a bill along with a direct debit mandate.  You may be eligible to apply for one of the reliefs or exemptions available depending on your circumstances.  Alternatively you can email for telephone our Customer Contact Centre  for further details.

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