Performance Reporting - Corporate Performance

The Moray Council Corporate Plan: Moray 2023

The Council's Corporate Plan: Moray 2023 will identify Council priorities from the Moray 10 Year Local Outcomes Improvement Plan and adds in corporate and administrative priorities.  

Moray Council’s Performance Management Framework

Performance management is not an added extra; it is part of service management and delivery that supports continuous improvement.  The Council's framework (PDF) demonstrates how its components fit together and how individual contributions are made to it. Guidance  (PDF) to the framework and continuous improvement provided.

Public Performance Report

Public Performance Reports provide a balanced summary of performance and achievements against the delivery of local outcomes in respect of Community and Corporate Planning priorities. The Council’s Public Performance Policy (PDF) is provided

Key Performance Indicators

Key indicator results should be read in conjunction with the Council’s relevant Public Performance Report to help readers form a view as to how the Council performed.  Key indicators provide comparison with performance in previous years, national and minimum/maximum results across all other Scottish local authorities where available.  Performance indicators are monitored by Council Committees committed to providing Best Value services to the people of Moray.

The Local Government Benchmarking Framework represents a bold approach taken by Scotland’s local authorities to comparing performance and outcomes over time.  The framework brings together a wide range of information about how all Scottish councils perform.  The benchmarking will help Scottish councils improve local services for local communities by shifting focus away from processes and meaningless league tables – and onto efficiency, effectiveness and outcomes.  The data benchmarks each local authority’s performance and/or outcome.  All national benchmarking indicators are included within the Council’s Key Indicators (see above) and results relating to the Council and its family groups are extracted and presented in performance reports to the Council’s Service Committees and the scrutiny Committee.

This year, the introduction of an online tool mylocalcouncil allows users to interrogate and compare data across themes, time and all councils.


Benchmarking - Summary Overview Report 2017/18 (PDF)

Benchmarking - Summary Overview Report 2016/17 (PDF)

Benchmarking - Summary Overview Report 2015/16 (PDF)

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