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Life Sciences Enterprise - if your property is situated in a designated area and you are undertaking a specified activity you may be entitled to rates relief. Relief is awarded on a sliding scale and is dependent on your property’s rateable value.

Assessing Eligibility for Relief

In general, when assessing eligibility for Enterprise Area  (EA) relief, four criteria need to be considered for each business:

  1. whether the property falls entirely within the red line map for the EA concerned
  2. whether the property is either new build or is an existing property which has been vacant for at least 3 months prior to occupation.
  3. whether business activity at the property in the EA is concerned with the activities listed for that area (see list of activities above);
  4. whether the property is in receipt of any other relief the level of other public sector assistance received by the business (in order to determine compliance with the State aids de minimis limit

For further information or to apply, contact us.

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