How and When are Disrectionary Housing Payments paid?

How much a person gets depends on their circumstances. Each application is carefully considered taking into account the circumstances of the person and the circumstances of other people in their home including:

  • Financial  - income and expenditure, savings or capital and level of any debt
  • Medical circumstances  -  any illnesses and/or disabilities of the applicant and other household members
  • Steps taken by the applicant to reduce their rental liability
  • Any exceptional circumstances we are made aware of

There is no limit to the length of time a Discretionary Housing Payment may be awarded and paid for - the start and end date of an award is decided on a case by case basis.

If there is a change in the person’s circumstances or those of other household members the award may end or change. We may review the award, and if reasonable make changes to it.

If the Discretionary Housing Payment is to meet a one off housing need, such as a deposit or removal costs, there is no specific period of award and full payment of the award will be made at the time of the decision.

A Discretionary Housing Payment can be stopped if we decide:

  • a person has misrepresented or failed to disclose a material fact, fraudulently or otherwise or
  • an award has been paid as a result of an error

How will a Discretionary Housing Payment be paid?

A Discretionary Housing Payment will be paid in the same way and at the same time as your Housing Benefit payment.

If you are in receipt of Universal Credit a Discretionary Housing Payment will be paid either by BACS or in certain circumstances directly to your landlord.

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