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We currently have a backlog of requests and we are experiencing delays receiving files from our store.  Unfortunately due to this delay we are unable to meet the usual timescales but are working through requests and will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with a cost.

Copies of Decision Notices, plans on an application and approved Building Warrant documentation can be provided at a charge.

Note: - Planning and Building Warrant applications between 1975 and 2000 are held on microfiche and can only be reproduced in sections at A4. Due to the age of some of the documents held on microfiche. Unfortunately the reproduction quality cannot be guaranteed.

The charges for copying documents are:
Documents Fees
Copy Documents with reference number £33.00
Copy Documents without reference number £56.00
Microfiche + £11.50 to the above fee
A4 Plans £0.28
A3 Plans £0.54
A2 Plans £11.50
A1 Plans £13.50


For example

A 2-page A4 decision notice will be £33.00 for staff time plus 0.28p for each page – total £33.56 (an additional £23.00 will be added if no reference number is provided).

All copies of plans will be marked with the ‘Copyright’ stamp.

Processing your request

On receipt of your request we will identify the file and the availability of the documents requested for copying. You should note that if our files are in digital format then we may only be able to provide a digital copy.

We will contact you within 7 working days to advise you of the fee. On receipt of payment we will proceed to providing your document copies and will contact you again once they are ready for collection/posting/emailing. This is normally within 5 days but you should note that depending on the workload within the department at the time, the location of the file and number of documents to be copied etc. In some circumstances the time period taken for producing the documents may be up to 15 working days.

Request Copies of Documents (eForm)  Request Copies of Documents (pdf)


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