Section 6 Key Reference Documents and Plans

In this section key documents have been provided for your reference. This documents have direct effect on how the various organisations and partnerships plan and deliver services within your community and give specific guidance on certain activities that a community council undertakes as part of its business.


Section 5 - Contents

6.1 Moray 10 Year Plan - Local Outcomes Improvement Plan (LOIP) (PDF, 6.9Mb)
Produced by the Moray Community Planning Partnership - Partnership is committed to delivering the five priorities to underpin this plan and enable its citizens to reach their full potential. The Partnership’s overarching aim and purpose for this plan is ‘to improve life for those living and working in Moray’

6.2 National Standards for Community Engagement
Published by the Scottish Community Development Centre - The National Standards are good-practice principles designed to support and inform community engagement, and improve what happens as a result. Originally launched in 2005 they used to support community engagement, and user involvement in areas such as community planning and health and social care

6.3 Data Sharing Code of Practice (PDF, 840kB)
Published by the Information Commissioner’s Office – This general code of practice provides a framework for organisations to make good quality decisions about data sharing explains how the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) applies to the sharing of personal data.

6.4 Planning Advice Note 47 - Community Councils and Planning
This advice note, produced by the Scottish Office, sets out good practice in the effective use of the statutory right for community councils to be consulted on applications for planning permission.

6.5 Local Development Plan – Good Practice Guide (PDF, 1.2Mb)
This good practice guide has been prepared by Moray Council planners and the Moray Joint Community Councils to raise awareness of the local development plan process and how and when communities can get involved.

6.6 An Introduction and Guide for Community Councils - The Planning System in Scotland
This guide has been prepared by the Moray Council Planning Department to help Community Councils understand what the planning system seeks to achieve and introduces th processes involved in decision-making.

6.7 Useful Links (PDF, 209kB)
List of useful links to organisations which offer advice and guidance to community councils on various matters


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