Section 1 - Community Council Members Handbook

Updated 28/09/2017

Section 1 - Contents

1.1 Introduction to Community Councils  (PDF, 321kB)
1.2 Members and Office Bearers (PDF, 561kB)
1.3 Meetings and Record Keeping (PDF, 703kB)
1.4 Ways of Working and Establishing Priorities (PDF, 556kB)
1.5 Community Engagement (PDF, 509kB)
1.6 Report Writing  (PDF, 535kB)
1.7 Dealing with the Press (PDF, 557kB)
1.8 Dealing With Conflict (PDF, 553kB)
1.9 Annual Grant and Looking for Funds (PDF, 438kB)
1.10 Insurance for Community Councils (PDF, xxkB) Being updated
1.11 Data Protection Act (PDF, 666kB)
1.12 Equalities (PDF, 464kB)
1.13 Planning and Licensing (PDF, 458kB)
1.14 Community Empowerment Act (PDF, 436kB)
1.15 Community Planning (PDF, 465kB)
1.16 The Joint Community Councils of Moray (PDF, 401kB)
1.17 Moray Council Structure and Key Contacts (PDF, 671kB)
1.18 Moray Local Government Councillors (PDF, 506kB)
1.19 Recording Meetings (PDF, 442kB)
1.20 Member Induction and Training (PDF, 452kB)

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