Section 4 Community Councils of Moray Complaints Procedure

Updated 28/09/2017

The Community Council complaints procedure  part of the self regulation of Community Councils in Moray and has been published in this handbook on behalf of the Joint Community Councils.
In addition to the procedure there are guidelines and template to use when recording and handling a complaint.

Section 4 - Contents

4.1 The Community Councils of Moray – Complaints Procedure (JCC) (PDF, 442kB)

4.2 Guidelines about Complaints for Community Councils (PDF, 338kB)

4.3 Templates for use when administrating a complaint

     4.3.1 Stage 1 - Record of Complaint form (Word, 83kB)

     4.3.2 Stage 2 - Investigation of Complaint form (Word,82kB)

4.4 SPSO Guidance and Complaints Handling Practice Guide (PDF, 859kB)

4.5 SPSO Guidance on Apology (PDF, 159kB)

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