Section 3 - Community Council Forms and Templates

Updated 07/10/2021

Section 3 


These templates are provided for use by Moray Community Council secretaries. They are available in word format to be completed and adapted as required. If you would like all the files together at once to save individual download, please contact the Community Council Liaison Officer on

Member Administration

3.1. Change of details for a Community Council member (Word doc, 68kB)  (being updated)

3.2. Application for co-option of a new Community Council member (Word doc, 72kB) (being updated)

3.3. Community Council member data sharing consent form (Word doc, 126kB)

3.4. Notification of resignation of a Community Council member (Word doc, 60kB)

3.5. Long Service Award application form (Word doc, 75kB)

Meeting Administration

3.6. Meeting Agenda template (Word doc, 65kB)

3.7. Meeting Attendance Record template (Word doc, 68kB)

3.8. Minutes of Meeting template (Word doc, 65kB)

3.9. Summary of Minutes template (Word doc, 65kB)

3.10. Report to Community Council template (Word doc, 65kB)

Finance and Accounts

3.11. Statement of Accounts template (Word doc, 18kB)

3.12. Community Council Members Expense Claim form (Word doc, 65kB)

Other useful templates

3.13. Press Release template (Word doc, 65kB)

3.14. Consent to record meeting form (Word doc, 18kB)

3.15. Recording meeting public notice (Word doc, 18kB)

3.16. Associate Member form (Word doc 65kB)  (being updated)

Constitutional Administration

For both the Community Council Model Constitution and Community Council Model Standing Orders these can be found contained within Section 2.
Electronic copies are available on request from the Community Council Liaison Officer 01343 563047 or

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Community Council Liaison Officer

01343 563047

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