Coordinated Support Plan (CSP)

A coordinated support plan is for children and young people who require significant levels of additional support from us and from at least one other non-educational agency, for example, the health service or social work.  The plan will coordinate the support provided by the various partner agencies.  

The coordinated support plan is a legal document.  There are very detailed rules about the conditions under which a plan would be opened, what they must contain, what we (the Education Authority) must do to keep them up to date and the rights of parents and young people to request a plan.

Does your child need a CSP?

Your child will need a CSP if they have one or more factors that will last for more than a year and/or require significant support from an education authority and appropriate agency. Find out more detailed information about CSPs

How to request a CSP

Discuss this with your child’s school/ named person and the Team around the Child who will be able to advise you.

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