Taking in a Lodger

A lodger is someone who:
• you provide some form of service to or for the lodger, such as cleaning and where you have full access to provide such a service; or
• is not already a member of your household who rents a room in your home and may share the bathroom, kitchen or living room with you.

If you have a lodger, you will still live in the house. You can take in a lodger if you rent a whole house or flat from us and you have a spare room.

Any deposit or rent you charge your lodger should be reasonable.

Applying to take in a lodger
You can only take in a lodger to your home if you have our written permission.  To apply you should fill in a Taking in a Lodger application form.

We will give you a written decision within 28 days of getting your application.  We will not unreasonably withhold our permission.  If we refuse your request we will tell you why and how you can appeal our decision.

If we don’t respond to you within 28 days, please consider that we have given our permission to take a lodger into your home.

If we give you our permission, you will continue to be responsible for all the conditions of your tenancy, including paying your rent.

You can find more information in our Taking in a lodger leaflet

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