Council Departments

A management/department restructure was approved at the Full Council Committee on 02 October 2019.  

Service delivery was amended from 4 departments to 2 under the overall leadership of the Chief Executive, Mr Roderick Burns. 

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Organisation Chart (PDF)

John W Mundell OBE, Interim Chief Executive

Rhona Gunn 
Depute Chief Exec.
Economy, Environment & Finance

Denise Whitworth
Depute Chief Exec.
Education, Communities & Organisational Development

Sean Coady
Depute Chief Officer
Moray Integrated Joint Board (MIJB)

  • Housing & Property Services
  • Economic Growth & Development
  • Environmental & Commercial Services
  • Financial Services
  • Education
  • Education Resources & Communities
  • HR
  • ICT
  • Organisational Development
  • Governance, Strategy & Performance
  • Transformation
  • Overall responsibility for services delegated by the NHS and Moray Council to MIJB
  • Strategic planning for health and social care
  • Commissioning of services for health and social care
  • Dr Gray's Hospital as part of the Moray Portfolio arrangements

More information is available on the Health & Social Care Moray website


Children & Families & Criminal Justice is currently in a process of potential delegation from Moray Council to the MIJB

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