Children & Families, Criminal Justice

Children & Families and Criminal Justice 

* Currently in transition from Moray Council to Moray Integrated Joint Board (MIJB) * 

Simon Bokor-Ingram, Chief Officer, Health & Social Care Moray (MIJB) 

Tracy Stephen, Head of Service & Chief Social Work Officer

Justice Service Social Work Corporate Parenting & Commissioning

Criminal Justice

  • Statutory SW service to courts
  • Court reports 
  • Diversion
  • Bail Supervision
  • Structured Deferred Sentence
  • Voluntary and Statutory Through Care
  • Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangement (MAPPA)
  • Drug Treatment and Testing Order (DTTO)
  • Moving Forward Making Changes (MFMC) group work programme
  • Supervision of Community Payback Orders including supervision requirements and unpaid work
  • Court support

Oohs SW

  • Dealing with out of hours social work queries
  • Appropriate Adult duties
  • Mental Health Detentions
  • Child Protection Duties

Youth Justice

  • Service to young people under 18 who have offended or on the cusp of offending
  • Early and Effective Intervention (EEI)

Community Justice

  • Community Justice Strategy for Moray
  • Community Justice Outcome and Improvement Plan


Area Team: Provision of targeted support for families in Moray:

  • Multi-agency Assessment of need and risk for children and their families
  • Planning with families the provision of resources and support to meet with families the provision of resources and support to meet identifies outcomes
  • Support for looked after and care experienced children and young people and their families
  • Completion of statutory reports on request from the Children's Reporter and Sheriff Court

Access Team Entry point for referrals / requests for support for children and families in Moray. 

  • Direct contact with the public and other agencies in response to request for support and assistance
  • Multi-agency initial assessment of need and risk for children and their families
  • Initial planning with families the provision of support to meet critical need
  • Joint working with Police to undertake child protection enquiries and investigations

Cala: Residential care for looked after children and young people


Placement Services

  • Recruitment, retention training and supervision of carers in the Registered services for (i) fostering
    (ii) adoption and (iii) supported lodgings for care leavers
  • Provision of a statutory through care and after care service for care experienced young people
    Statutory pathways assessments and support
  • Continuing care service for care experienced young people.
    Statutory welfare assessment and support
  • Kinship care –
    provision of assessments, training, support and approval processed for formal kinship carers

Commissioning for key services within Moray of services for children and their families

Procurement of and contacting with a range of service providers both within and out with Moray for the provision of services to meet need at a preventative early engagement level through to specific and targeted provision of care/ community resource including advocacy services

Contract management and monitoring of contracted services

Engagement with SXL frameworks


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