Housing Service - Rechargeable Repairs Policy

Our Rechargeable Repairs Policy describes the activities and responsibilities involved in carrying out repairs in circumstances where:

  • The repair is the responsibility of the tenant;
  • The damage to the property is due to wilful damage, neglect, misuse or abuse by the tenant, their family or visitors to the property; or
  • The repair is required when moving out of a house to bring it up to an acceptable standard.

A copy of this policy is available here (PDF). ( 7 pages, 31.4KB) (This link opens in a new window)

Contents List

  1. Scope of Policy
  2. Housing Plan/Corporate Plan/Service Plan
  3. Legal Framework
  4. Objectives and Principles of the Policy
  5. Circumstances for Recharging
  6. Discretionary Circumstances
  7. Response Repairs
  8. Void Repairs
  9. Recharge Payments
  10. Appeals Process
  11. Performance Monitoring
  12. Policy Review

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