Disability Discrimination Act


The Moray Council recognises its obligations towards all employees and to the community to ensure that people with disabilities are afforded equal opportunities to enter employment and progress within the Council.

In addition to complying with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, the Council will adhere to the following principles which are designed to provide fair consideration and selection of disabled applicants for employment and to satisfy their training and career development needs.

This statement enhances the existing Policy on Equal Opportunities, providing a framework and guidance for management.

Policy Statement

The Moray Council is committed to the equality of opportunity in regard to all aspects of the employment of disabled persons.

The Council opposes all forms of discrimination, direct or indirect, and aims to eliminate discriminatory practice and promote measures to combat its effects.


Disability is defined as:

"A physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term effect on a person's ability to carry out normal day to day activities"

Ministry for Disabled People April 1996

General Principles

As far as is reasonably practicable, the Council will provide for the needs of disabled employees at their place of work through:

  • Reasonable adaptations and adjustments to methods of access and to buildings where possible.
  • Provision of suitable facilities where appropriate, eg car parking
  • Consideration of location of work place in relation to mobility problems
  • Provision of a comfortable and practical working environment.
  • Alteration of working, where necessary, through job re-design, flexible work patterns, equipment modification, etc.

Recruitment & Selection

To ensure fair and non discriminatory practice Moray Council will:

Ensure that all job descriptions/person specifications and recruitment advertisements are drafted in such a way as to make it clear which are essential requirements of the position.

Demonstrate to all potential applicants with a disability that the Council welcomes applications from them on the basis of their abilities. This will be achieved by displaying the 'positive about disabled people symbol' on all job advertisements.

Interview all applicants with a disability who meet the essential criteria for a job vacancy and consider them on their merits.

All vacancies will be passed to the Disability Employment Advisor at the Local Job Centre.

Continue to effectively monitor the number of disabled applicants and periodically review recruitment practices to identify how improvements could be made.

Ensure that all personnel involved in the Recruitment and Selection process receive sufficient advice and training to enable them to effectively meet the needs of disabled candidates.

Consult the local Disability Employment Advisor in conjunction with the Access to Work Programme to request specialist advice or assistance required in the recruitment process i.e. Communicators.

Provide Directors, Heads of Service and Managers with guidelines for interviewing and training disabled candidates.


Managers/Supervisors will, as part of the annual appraisal process, consult all disabled employees to ensure that they are able to develop and use their abilities at work, to establish continuity and improvement of good standards of their working environment and facilities and also to identify areas which need improvement.


Disability awareness training will be available for employees to develop awareness, understanding and acceptance of the needs and requirements of disabled employees.

This will also be achieved by the promotion of this policy and the dissemination of relevant information through internal communication systems.

All disabled employees are to receive, in addition to induction training, sufficient training from their department to enable them to settle smoothly into their working environment and that any particular needs arising from their disability are carefully examined.

Retention of Employees who Become Disabled

Wherever possible employees who become disabled will be retained either in the same job, or with the aid of training and or other practical help, an alternative job. Necessary steps will be taken to aid adjustment to any new circumstances.

Claims of Discriminations

The Council will deal promptly and effectively will all allegations of discrimination. All complaints must be addressed to the Personnel Services Manager. Assistance may also be available from a trade union official, the Equal Opportunities Commission and Disability Employment Advisers.

All complaints of discrimination will be taken most seriously and disciplinary action may be taken against any participant.

Review and Monitoring

A regular review of the policy will be undertaken to ensure continuing commitment, to plan improvement on current practise and procedures and to ensure that the Council continues to be positive about disabled people.

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