Disclosure - General Information

General Information

Part V of the Police Act 1997 is aimed at helping employers assess the suitability of applicants for particular posts and to make safer recruitment decisions in relation to positions of trust by widening access to criminal record information. To this end, the Act provides for the issue of criminal conviction certificates, criminal record certificates and enhanced criminal record certificates, known as Basic, Standard and Enhanced Disclosures.

Code of Practice

A Code of Practice has been issued by Ministers covering the use and handling of Disclosure Information. The Code requires that such information is used properly and fairly and that Disclosure Information must not be used to unfairly discriminate against individuals when considering them for positions. Employers requesting disclosure information must have a written policy on its use, which is made available to individuals where a Disclosure is requested.

What we will ask for

The Moray Council will seek Standard or Enhanced Disclosures where this is considered proportionate and relevant to the particular position. This will be based on a risk assessment of the position, based on the likelihood and consequences of the risk.

Other Information

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