Negotiating Bodies (Trade Unions)

Scottish Joint Council for Local Government Employees (SJC)

The SJC has 66 members, 33 employers’ representatives appointed by COSLA and 33 employee representatives appointed as follows:

  • UNISON 18
  • GMB 9
  • TGWU 6

Joint Negotiating Committee for Chief Officials of Local Authorities (Scotland)

It is composed of 18 members, 9 appointed from COSLA representing the employers and 9 representing the officials (3 from UNISON and 6 from other organisations).

Scottish Joint Negotiating Committee - Craft Operatives

The SJNC has 28 members, made up of 8 employers’ representatives appointed by COSLA and 20 employee representatives appointed as follows:

  • UCATT 10
  • AEEU 5
  • GMB 2
  • TGWU 3

Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SNCT)

There are 22 members on the committee. COSLA has 8 places (elected members drawn from the Education spokespeople/convenors), the Scottish Government has 3 places and the teacher unions have 11 places.

Recognised unions are – Educational Institute of Scotland, Scottish Secondary Teachers Association, Professional Association of Teachers, National Association of School Masters Union of Women Teachers, Headteachers Association of Scotland, and Association of Headteachers in Scotland.

¹Association of Local Authority Chief Executives; Association of Chief Architects of Scottish Local Authorities; Association of Directors of Education in Scotland; Association of Directors of Social Work; Association of Directors of Leisure and Recreation (Scotland); Federated Union of Managerial and Professional Officers; Institute of Housing; Institute of Wastes Management; Scottish Assessors Association; Scottish Association of Directors of Water and Sewerage Services; Society of Directors of Environmental Health; Scottish Society of Directors of Planning.

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