Records and Information Management

The Moray Council will continually strive to manage its records properly and in accordance with guidance issued from the Scottish Government and The National Archives Scotland.

Council staff, with the support of the Records Manager, will follow the guidance given in the Records and Information Management Policy and Strategy 2013 (PDF) (21 pages, 665 KB) and the Retention Schedules, and manage their records according to these documents.

The Council will review all records management policies and retention schedules and ensure these documents are updated as appropriate.

The Council will manage their records by:

  • creating reliable, accurate records in the first place
  • identifying our vital records and preserving these accordingly
  • ensuring all documents contain the correct version control
  • ensuring records are kept for the right amount of time
  • destroying and preserving records, whichever is appropriate, according to the Council’s Retention Schedules
  • ensuring that sensitive records are kept securely
  • ensuring that we comply with all relevant legislation and keeping abreast of changes to existing legislation

Good records management procedures will benefit the Council by:

  • enabling us to retrieve our records more expediently
  • achieving improved service delivery
  • supporting research and development across the Council
  • keeping track of all modifications and additions to records
  • supporting continuity and consistency in practices across the Council
  • providing an audit trail to meet business, regulatory and legal requirements
  • ensuring information is better protected and secured appropriately
  • ensuring we keep our records for the right amount of time
  • ensuring compliance with relevant legislation
  • reducing our storage costs by ensuring only the right records are created and preserved

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