Taxi Testing Manual - Oil Leaks

2.1 Oil Leaks


  • Engine and transmission should be clean and free from leaks

Method of Inspection:

  • Check the engine and transmission for leakage of any type of oil
  • Check without operating any equipment other than the engine which may be run at tick-over speed
  • Temporary means of preventing leaked oil reaching the ground are not acceptable.
  • Check temporary repairs for oil leakage

Reason for Rejection:

  • Any oil leak which deposits oil on the ground during the test which forms a pool greater than 10mm diameter in a five minute period or a number of leaks which collectively would deposit oil at the same rate.
  • A temporary means of preventing leaked oil reaching the ground.
  • Any leak which when the vehicle is in motion could compromise the Health and Safety of its passengers.
  • Oil leakage from a temporary repair

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