Transport Development

Strategy and Policy 

The Second Moray Council Local Transport Strategy has been prepared in order to help plan for improved transport infrastructure and services in the area. 
The document (split into two parts) is available here

Key Moray Traffic data may be viewed downloaded via the links below:

Transport Policies are also included in a number of Planning Policies and Plans: 

Road Design Procedures and Standards

In terms of section 21 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984, any person or organisation other than the Roads Authority who wishes to construct a new road or an extension of an existing road must obtain Construction Consent, irrespective of whether or not such roads are to be submitted for adoption as public.

New roads that are to be added to the list of public roads must be designed and constructed in accordance with the current procedures and design standards.

Information to assist private and public sector developers is available. Moray Council has published new information for small developments in the countryside and currently makes use of the Standards for Road Construction Consent and Adoption from a neighbouring Local Authority.

When new roads are proposed for construction and adoption via the RCC process, (where appropriate) vehicle swept paths analysis should be undertaken to ensure that larger vehicles may be accommodated safely within the new roads (refuse vehicles/ buses etc).

Further information on Road Design Procedures and Standards is available here

Road Construction Consent

Where a developer is seeking to submit a new road to be adopted by the Roads Authority it is necessary for the layout and construction of roads, structures, road drainage, public transport infrastructure and street lighting to satisfy the current design standards.

Further information on  Road Construction Consent is available here

Street Naming and Numbering

Street naming and numbering is an important aspect of everyone's life as it allows the properties at which we live and work to have mail delivered, be identified easily, and be found quickly by doctors and emergency services. Street names themselves also contribute to a sense of place.
Under Section 97 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 (as amended), Moray Council is the responsible Authority for naming of streets, and numbering of properties.

Further information on  Street naming and numbering is available here

Transport Planning

The Planning system exists to regulate the use of land and buildings by granting or refusing planning permission. The Planning Authority consults the Roads Authority on planning applications that involve the formation of a new access (or alteration) or create an increase in traffic.

Further information on  Transport Planning is available here.

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