Road Construction Consent

In terms of section 21 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 any person or organisation other than the Roads Authority who is seeking to construct a new road or an extension of an existing road  must obtain Roads Construction Consent, irrespective of whether or not the roads are intended to be adopted as public.

Design guidance must be taken in the first instance from The National Roads Development Guide, and thereafter any application for Roads Construction Consent (RCC) should satisfy the technical details as set out within the Standards for Roads Construction Consent and Adoption. 

Standards for Roads Construction Consent and Adoption

New roads that are to be added to the list of public roads must be designed and constructed in accordance with the current procedures and design standards.

Standards for Road Construction Consent and Adoption

Specification for Standards for Road Construction Consent and Adoption

Drawings included in Standards

Summary of Recent Changes

These documents are currently taken from Aberdeenshire Council

Road Bond

For a residential development, a developer must lodge a security, in the form of a road bond or deposit, in favour of the Roads Authority, to cover the cost of providing the roads to the standard set out in the Road Construction Consent. The road bond is intended to protect prospective house purchasers from having to arrange completion of roads to adoptable standards, in the event that the developer is unable to do so. The security must be lodged prior to commencement of any building works. This is in accordance with Section 17 of The Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 and The Security for Private Road Works (Scotland) Regulations 1985, as amended by The Security for Private Road Works (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 1998.


Section 140(6) of The Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 entitles a Roads Authority to recover expenses reasonably incurred in inspecting work to which a Road Construction Consent relates.

The approved fees for Road Construction Consent (RCC) are set out below (effective as of 01/04/2016):

Item Fee
Inspection Fee £64 per £1,000 of Road Bond value

Second or subsequent RCC Application 

(To amend original application or to extend the approval period)


Payment of the inspection fee will be split into smaller equal parts reflecting key milestones within the construction phases. An invoice will be issued at each key milestone.

For Example: based on Road bond value of £100,000, the inspection fee would be £6,400. Payment would be via 3 separate invoiced payments to the value of £2,133.33 each

(Charges for 2016/17 were approved by The Moray Council Special Committee 17/02/2016

RCC Application

We require a RCC application to be submitted (forms bellow) along with supporting documents which should include: 

  • Location Plan
  • Layout Plan (1:500)
  • Road Profiles
  • Surface Water Drainage Profiles
  • Typical Cross Sections
  • Site Investigation Information
  • and any other details to enable the assessment of the proposal.

The application should be accompanied by four paper copies of detailed drawings, folded to A4 size, along with other relevant documents (Drainage Impact Assessment, etc). It is acceptable for the documents to be submitted in an approved electronic format.

When new roads are proposed for construction and adoption via the RCC process, (where appropriate) vehicle swept paths analysis should be undertaken to ensure that larger vehicles may be accommodated safely within the new roads (refuse vehicles/ buses etc). Developers/consultants should check requirements with the council at their earliest opportunity. 

For further information and guidance please contact us.


Road Construction Consent

Form Name
 CC1 Road Construction Consent Application
 CC2 Neighbour Notification – Notice of Service
 CC3 Roads Construction Costs
 CC4 Notification of Works Commencement
 CC5 Application for Reduction in Bond Form
 CC5a Application for Maintenance Period Commencement
 CC6 Application for addition of roads to the List of Public Roads
 CC7 Application for Extension to Road Construction Consent


Road Technical Approval

Form Name
 TA1 Technical Approval Application Form
 TA2 Neighbour Notification – Notice of Service

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