Design Standards

Design Standards and Guidance for Moray is based on national guidance and best practice, and has been developed for the Moray Area. The primary guidance is the National Roads Development Guidelines which has been developed by Society of Chief Officers of Transportation in Scotland (SCOTS).

National Roads Development Guide

The National Roads Development Guide (NRDG) was published in May 2014. Produced by the Society for Chief Officers of Transport in Scotland (SCOTS), it is supported by Transport Scotland and Scottish Government Planning and Architecture Division. The draft Roads Development Guide was prepared  in consultation with all Local Roads Authorities in Scotland and the published version supports the Scottish Government Planning Policy Designing Streets (pdf), expanding on its principles to clarify the circumstances in which it can be used.

The NRDG forms part of the Designing Streets ‘Toolbox’ which is intended to help improve the efficiency, and delivery, of the Road Construction Consent and Planning process. On May 19 2015, the Planning and Regulatory Services Committee approved the use of the National Roads Development Guide as a material consideration in the determination of development proposals in Moray, subject to local variations. You can view these documents below.

Planning and Regulatory Services Committee Report Appendix NRDG Moray Variations

Road Construction Consent

Where a developer is seeking to submit a new road to be adopted by the Roads Authority it is necessary for the layout and construction of roads, structures, road drainage, public transport infrastructure and street lighting to satisfy the current design standards.

Read more about Road Construction Consent.

Standards For Roads Construction Consent and Adoption

In terms of section 21 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984, any person or organisation other than the Roads Authority who wishes to construct a new road or an extension of an existing road must obtain Roads Construction Consent, irrespective of whether or not they are intended to be adopted as public. New roads that are to be added to the list of public roads must be designed and constructed in accordance with the current procedures and design standards.

Information to assist private and public sector developers is available. We have published guidance for small developments in the countryside and currently makes use of the Standards for Road Construction Consent and Adoption from a neighbouring local authority.

When new roads are proposed for construction and adoption via the Roads Construction Consent process, (where appropriate) vehicle swept paths analysis should be undertaken to ensure that larger vehicles may be accommodated safely within the new roads (refuse vehicles/buses etc).

Parking Standards

A review of our parking standards was presented to the Economic Development and Infrastructure Services Committee on Tuesday 6 September 2011 - read the report (pdf). The Committee approved the revised parking standards (pdf).

Transport Requirements for Small Developments in the Countryside (TRSDC)

We have published guidance for Small Developments in the Countryside:

Transportation Requirements for Small Developments in the Countryside Transportation Requirements Checklist

Access Layby/Passing Place construction detail Single Track Roads - Typical Infrastructure

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