Street Naming and Numbering

Street naming and numbering is an important aspect of everyone's life as it allows the properties at which we live and work to have mail delivered, be identified easily, and be found quickly by doctors and emergency services. Street names themselves also contribute to a sense of place.

Under Section 97 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 (as amended), we are the responsible Authority for naming of streets, and numbering of properties.

On 30th May 2017 the Planning and Regulatory Services Committee approved the Revised Street Naming and Property Numbering/Naming Policy and Procedure Appendix 1 (pdf)

Application for New Address

Processing of Street Naming and Numbering applications can take up to 12 weeks to complete. Early application is encouraged to avoid possible delays and avoid difficulties.

Important notice: On 3rd July 2013 the Moray Council (Special) Committee approved a charging regime for the processing of changing existing house names, and the naming of new builds.

Approved list of charges 2019/20 Valid from the 1st April 2019
Numbers of Plots (A) Fee for 1st Plot (B) Fee for additional Plots (C) Min (D) Max (E)
1 £103   £103 £103
2 to 9   £28 £131 £327
10 – 19   £21 £348 £537
20 – 49   £15 £552 £987
50 - 99   £12 £999 £1587
Over 100   £11 £1598  

To calculate the required fee find the plot band in column A that the amount of plots required fall within. Take the maximum value from Column E in the row above from the table and add the additional value for any remaining plots multiplying the number of remaining plots by the value in column C. Calculate the remaining plots by subtracting the total plots required with the maximum plots from column A in the row above.

1 Plot -             £103
5 Plots -           £215  = £103+(4*£28) (remaining plots = 5-1)
15 Plots -         £453  = £327+(6*£21) (remaining plots = 15-9)
25 Plots -         £627  = £537+(6*£15) (remaining plots = 25-19)

Payment may be made by cheque or over the telephone via credit/debit card and must be in advance of Moray Council processing the application(s). Telephone payment can be made by calling Customer Services on 0300 1234561.

How to apply for a name for a new-build property

There are two stages to registering a new-build address:

On receipt of a submitted application form a new address is processed and we notify Service providers (Royal Mail, Utilities, Emergency services, etc). This notification is also copied to the applicant at their current address (email address is preferred). This first stage of the process is normally sufficient to allow the applicant to arrange insurance, and mortgage paperwork, utility connections etc. This process can take up to 12 weeks to filter through the entire range of service providers – early application is recommended.

No less than 10 working days prior to the occupation of the new property the applicant must notify us of the proposed entry date.  At this stage we notify Royal Mail to make the address ‘live’. Please note that only when we have been notified of the occupation date can the address be made 'live' on the Royal Mail system.

Royal Mail has an online 'Postcode finder' system where customers can search for addresses.

How to apply for a change to an existing property name

Formal requests to change an existing house (or business) name are processed in much the same way as a new-build property. The process can take up to four weeks for the new names to become active. Our Corporate Address Gazetteer Team can provide advice on suitable house names, to help avoid duplication or confusion. Any requests for house names that could be construed as offensive or alarming will be rejected and not added to the statutory address.

Application Form (pdf)

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