Roads - Adopted Roads

We, as the Roads Authority, are responsible for keeping a List of Public Roads (LoPR). 

The list below contains the roads, footpaths and cycle tracks for which we have a maintenance responsibility – these are known as Adopted Roads.

List of Public Roads

Formal Road Status Enquiries

We are able to provide a formal road status response that includes a plan showing the adopted status of the requested road.  

Please contact us to arrange this.  

There is a charge for this service of £64 (inclusive of VAT) - effective as of 01/04/2024.

(Charges for 2024/25 were approved by the Moray Council - Policy and Resources Committee)

Making up and Adoption of Private Roads

Provision is made within the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 for private roads to be made up and added to the List of Public Roads.  Any existing private road to be considered for addition to LoPR must satisfy the following:

  • An application to the Council supported by ‘requisite number’ of frontagers (i.e. majority)
  • An inspection of the road is carried out to identify any remedial/additional construction required to meet the required standard
  • Following completion of the remedial/additional works, at the cost of the frontagers, the road would be adopted after a maintenance period of 12 months

For further information and guidance please contact us.

New roads

The method of creating new roads is by an agreement under Section 21 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 between developers and us as Roads Authority.

These agreements are called Road Construction Consents. Subject to the road being completed in accordance with the RCC, we will adopt the road and maintain it thereafter as a public road.

Until a road has been adopted it remains private and the responsibility of the developer, householders, or land owner.

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