Taxi Testing Manual - Bodywork

2.3 Bodywork


  • Bodywork should be clean and free from dents and scratches
  • All panels & trim should be secure

Method of Inspection

  • Vehicle should be inspected under natural light and not under fluorescent light when possible
  • Examine bodywork for scratches, dents, irregularities or inadequate repairs
  • Check for insecure panels or trim

Reason for Rejection

  • (28 day bodywork rectification certificate issued)
  • Bodywork
    • Scratches, dents or other irregularities
    • Inadequate repair which is not properly painted and finished
    • Insecure panels or trim


(Refusal at time of test to issue certificate of compliance)

    • Any bodywork with sharp or protruding edges likely to cause injury to a pedestrian or other road users.
    • Significant bodywork damage
    • Any body panel not matching the vehicle’s original colour i.e. blue door on a red car
    • Scratches, dents or other irregularities on more than one panel

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