Taxi Testing Manual - Lights

2.6 Lights

Reverse lamps

Reverse should be fitted as per manufacturers specification

Method of Inspection

  • Check that a reverse lamp
    • Is working
    • That lamps are illuminated when vehicle is in reverse gear
    • Does not flicker when tapped lightly

Reason for Rejection

  • A reverse lamp
    • Is missing, does not emit a steady white light or emit a light other than white whilst in reverse gear
    • Incomplete, not in good working order or not visible from a reasonable distance
    • Is insecure, obscured or not facing to the rear
    • Flickers when tapped lightly by hand
    • Adversely affected by the operation of any other lamp

All lamps

Method of Inspection

  • All fitted lamps must work correctly

Reason for Rejection

  • A fitted lamp not working correctly or not complying with terms above above

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