Taxi Testing Manual -Taxi Meter

2.7 Taxi Meter

The taxi meter will be check for security and  accuracy

Method of Inspection

  • Check that a taxi meter is fitted, fitted correctly  and is complete
  • Check for condition and position
  • Check for accuracy with respect to distance and time
  • Check taxi meter seals for presence and condition and that they are of the correct type
  • Check that the begging light works at the correct time in sequence with the operation of the taxi meter,

Reason for Rejection

  • Taxi meter is in anyway defective
  • Fitted in a position not approved by the Licensing Authority
  • Found to be inaccurate after testing with respect to distance and time
  • Seal missing or having been tampered with
  • Obscuring the forward vision of the driver
  • Any manual method of operating the begging lamp.
  • Is in a dangerous position
  • Meter is  insecure

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