Itinerant Metal Dealer Licence

A licence is required for carrying on business as a Metal Dealer whether based in premises or not.  Provision is made for exemption from requiring a licence for an Exemption Warrant.  Metal Dealers holding an Exemption Warrant or a Temporary Exemption Warrant do not require to comply with the legal obligations contained in Section 30-35 of the Act.

Read our Guidance Notes (PDF) to find out more about your obligations and information about completing the application form.

Application Form (PDF) Application Form (Word)

Eligibility Criteria

Your application must be in writing (including by electronic means), in the form specified us and accompanied by any requested fee.


Public notice of the application may be given in a local newspaper and objections may be considered.

We may make such reasonable inquiries as we think fit and include the results of these inquiries in matters we take into account, but where we intend to include any of these results we must notify you.

You may be given the opportunity to make representations.

Will Tacit Consent Apply?

Yes. This means that you will be able to act as though your application is granted if you have not heard from The Moray Council by the end of the target completion period.


You can pay your fee online when you submit your application. To minimise our costs, we will pass on a 1.80% charge on the value of all payments made by credit card.

Apply online

Apply online by using the link in the Online Services box below.

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